Starting this Blog

I am starting this blog for several reasons. I’ve been interested in investing and personal finance issues for many years. Decades in fact. I read continuously – online, books, magazines – anything that can add to my knowledge of investing. Earlier this year I started my own Registered Investment Advisor firm as a way of helping others directly with their investments and finances. This is my personal blog – see disclaimer. But as some have said – I write so that I know what I think – so this will also help me crystallize my thoughts and therefore my ability to advise.

I will share my observations and lessons learned here, across investing and personal finance topics, as well as broader technology issues, as many changes in the world of finance are being driven by rapid technological change. The term FinTech has been coined to broadly cover a wide range of areas related to finance that are being disrupted by the application of technology. I spent 20 years in the Internet Media and Technology space Рa field that came to be known as AdTech Рand saw how technology changed and improved online advertising. FinTech therefore seems very appropriate as a back drop to my new business as an RIA.

But the primary focus will be trying to explain and simplify the world of investing and personal finance. It’s an area where complexity and jargon have prevailed, as a key part of company’s business plans. By mystifying and un-necessarily complicating the issues, it is possible to act as the expert and to charge high fees. That model is being turned on its head and I hope to add my two cents to the effort.

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