I’m Eric Bingham, the founder and principal of Pamet Advisors LLC, a Massachusetts based Registered Investment Adviser, where I assist people with their investments and important financial planning decisions. I created this blog to share my passion for investing, business and technology by writing about and linking to topics that I find interesting and potentially valuable to readers.  I’ve called the blog The Cape Investor to recognize Cape Cod as my second home and a place to gain perspective, far from the noise of the financial world.

Please note that the comments on this blog represent my personal views and not those of my firm, and are not to be considered investment advice. Please see my full disclaimer.

Prior to starting Pamet Advisors I spent over 25 years in media and technology companies starting at HBO where I helped launch new international versions of HBO, including HBO Asia, and then as part of News Corporation’s first Internet business. Since 1996 I focused on early stage Internet companies in both financial/operating roles and as an angel investor. I was a member of the founding team at About.com (now part of IAC) and have been a senior executive (Undertone, eXelate, uKnow, Overpeer) and investor (JW Player, uKnow). These experiences provided tremendous insight into the pressures and challenges of growing revenues and profits – which has greatly aided my ability to assess companies.

Before joining the business world, I served for over five years as an Marine Corps Officer and Naval Aviator flying the recently retired CH-46 Sea Knight, which provided experiences that have been invaluable in forming my approach to investing: anticipating change, managing risk and finally maintaining perspective while making decisions under suddenly adverse conditions.