Pamet Advisors

Pamet Advisors LLC is a Registered Investment Adviser that is registered and based in Massachusetts.

Pamet Advisors offers managed accounts and recommends Charles Schwab & Co, Inc. as the investment platform and custodian to hold client assets.  It employs a long term, low cost investment strategy with asset allocations that are based on each individual’s goals, risk tolerance and time horizon in mind.

Markets can be volatile in the short term but over longer term periods have shown remarkably steady positive returns.  Keeping costs low reduces drag on returns that can be remarkably costly over time. As a former military pilot I have a keen understanding how even a small amount of “ice on the wings” can cause catastrophic damage.

Pamet Advisors also helps clients with financial planning needs including retirement, estate and education planning.

Pamet Advisors is a Fee Only adviser and adheres to the Fiduciary Standard, so

  • It does not receive any fees or compensation other than directly from you,
  • Every decision is made with your best interests as the primary criteria
  • All expenses incurred by clients are fully transparent and agreed

If you are interested in learning more about services provided by Pamet Advisors, please contact me here.

Pamet Advisors is named after the Pamet harbor and tidal river in Truro Massachussets on Cape Cod.  Pamet Harbor provides shelter from the wind and waves of Cape Cod Bay and the Pamet River rises and falls with each tide.  Both provide apt metaphors for aspects of the financial markets; volatility and cycles that need to be understood and managed to ensure long term success.